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Because a student can attend the co-op for three years, the enrichment courses run on a three-year cycle: Logic, Music, and Drawing from Observation.

Logic: Our study of logic will include "playing" games together and thinking through our thinking process. We will also study some formal logic, and students will learn to use valid argument forms. They will learn to recognize common fallacies and will analyze and develop written arguments. We will also try to have several structured debates. There will be some homework, though not every day. The goal is that the student will enjoy "playing with" language, and learn to argue correctly, both in spoken and written form.

Music: This class runs during the year that students study American history, so the focus is learning and singing songs of America, from the serious and patriotic to the lighthearted. As time allows, we will talk about music notation and vocabulary, and do additional musical study. The goal is that the student will become familiar with part of our shared American culture and will enjoy the connections between history and song.

Drawing from Observation: Students will work through exercises to develop basic rendering skills and spatial understanding that allow them to represent three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface. We will study line, light and shadow, proportion, and perspective, using them in drawings of various objects. The goal is that the student will develop his or her skills of visual observation, and, hopefully, will be very pleased with the results of this study.

Texts: There are no student texts for these courses. 

Homework: There is very little homework for these courses. From time to time, there will be something to read or write - or a puzzle to work through - for logic. Student will occasionally be asked to bring items from home for drawing.

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