Application & Enrollment Fees

Application Fee: $50.00  

A one-time, non-refundable application fee is required. Receipt of the application and fee begins the admissions process.

Enrollment Fee: $200.00 

Each new and returning student is required to pay an enrollment fee. Payment is due upon enrollment and is applied toward your tuition cost.

Tuition and Expenses

Full-time enrollment: 4 days, Monday through Thursday- $5500

Part-time enrollment: 2 days, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday - $2750


Sibling Discount: A 10% discount is applied to tuition for additional full-time students from the same family.

Tuition Due: Payments are paid in 9 monthly installments due on the first of each month beginning September 1st. 


Field Trips and Activities: Cost of field trips and other activities are not included in the tuition fee. Costs will be added to your monthly invoice.


Optional Student Lunches: Students have the option to order 517Subs and pizza weekly. Costs will be added to your monthly invoice.


School Supplies: Each student is required to purchase personal school supplies and laptop or tablet for word processing capabilities.