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Does SMCC offer standardized testing?

YES, we complete standardized Achievement Testing each April, using a nationally standardized test.

Where do SMCC students attend high school?

Our students have gone on to a wide variety of schools for high school, including:  Baylor, McCallie, CCS, Signal Mountain, Hilger Higer Learning, and the STEM School 

How have SMCC students performed on standardized tests?

On average, our students perform at least on or above grade levels in most subject areas.  We usually have several students who perform extremely well on standardized tests and place well above average in most/all subject areas (75th-99th percentiles). 

Where do SMCC students attend college?

This year (2018-19) is just our 8th year, so we only have 1 group of students who have graduated from high school (May 2018).  Among those recent graduates, we have students attending Chattanooga State, UTC, Covenant College, and University of North Alabama, and one is taking a gap year to work. Most received scholarships to attend college. 

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